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Summer Must Haves - Baby & Toddler

I am trying to think positive thoughts and send out happy summer vibes that include packed beaches, dips in the ocean and ice cream before dinner. I hope I don’t look back at this post and roll my eyes because we are still social distancing. But, if if is going to happen, this post is to help prepare you for trips to the beach with children! This will be Amelia's third year going to the beach. She was born in July and got a few trips in before the weather cooled down. Check it out and let me know if you think there are some items I may have missed.

Pop up tent- This tent is absolutely incredible and not just for the beach. You can use it as a play place inside and outside. The detachable covering just makes it perfect for the beach. Amelia would use this to play in at the beach but also where she napped (on her dockatot, yes we even brought the dockatot to the beach). We will for sure use this again this summer! We also used this tent for Amelia's first summer and it was great.

Tubby Todd - My favorite sunscreen to use on Amelia! Code : GOODCLEANFUN10 for 10% off.

Sunglasses - My favorites are these personalized floral sunglasses and babiators!

Ruffle & Rugged butts swim - Always my go to, you can check out more on my swimsuits post!

Sand chair - This chair is so perfect for babes and toddlers to sit in when they are at the beach, especially to eat. It wipes down clean, folds up easy and works on the sand. You can also use this chair as a to go high chair. Highly recommend!

Dock & Bay Towels - THE BEST TOWELS. They are perfect for everything. They are quick dry and fold up so small. I love these towels to just throw with me wherever I go and know that they will not take up room or end up wet in a bag. I was recently given the play mat that I cannot wait to try out with Amelia. These towels are also perfect for travel. On a girls trip I took in September to Charleston, about half of the girls brought these towels without communicating to each other they were doing it. We laughed when we all pulled them out to go the beach but that's why they are so perfect.

Hats - I love this beach hat for babies and toddlers. This one has for sure stayed on Amelia's head the longest and love the option to tighten it and tie!

Toys - Last but not least, the toys. Here are a few that we have either loved or going to try this summer! 18PC Set with backpack , 15PC with two buckets, collapsible wagon, and a float with canopy,

This may seem like a lot, especially for a new mom, and it is. Your beach day will have more things to pack than you could have ever imagined, and your day will also be shorter than usual but it will be worth it! Hope this was helpful and can't wait to hear other suggestions!

With Love,


Scribi Styles

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