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Girls trip - Cape Cod


I have so much content that I could and want to post for the Cape but get so overwhelmed so fast. It's a large place with so many things to do and see and I want to make sure I give you the best information ever. So I figured the best way for me to start is with a trip I planned last year for me and 10 of my closest internet turned real life best friends, we can discuss that at a later time 😂. I still cannot believe this trip happened a year ago!

I am going to break this down by what we did on these days and I really feel this would make an awesome itinerary for an adults trip to Cape Cod and Nantucket! I say adults because we did not have any children with us and there are lots of other things to do on the Cape if you are brining kids! Cape Cod is the PERFECT place for a girls trip and ideal months are June and September. July and August can get a little crazy!

I also want to preface by saying all of us stayed at my home on the cape and we rented another home close by so we did not stay at any hotels! As far as hotel suggestions, you can check out this post here.

Day 1 - The ladies arrived at Logan! We had two pick ups based on time of arrivals and then both cars headed to Cape Cod. My car took a stop in Plymouth and grabbed lunch at East Bay Grille which is perfect if you are hungry on your way down! Once we all arrived we drove straight to Cuffys so everyone could get cape cod Merch and matching sweatshirts. We then got to the houses and spent time meeting (a lot of us for the first time ever in real life!). I wanted to show them the area so we walked down to our local beach, put our toes in the water and took some pictures. Post beach trip we headed back home to get ready and then headed off to dinner at a local favorite, Swan River Seafood located right on Swan River that offers both indoor and outdoor dining! After a long day and an incredible dinner we headed home to rest up for a fun day ahead.

Day 2 - We woke up early to get ready because we caught the first ferry out of Harwhich Port to head to Nantucket for the day! We took the Freedom Cruise Line and it got us there in a little over an hour! As soon as we got to Nantucket we grabbed coffees and started shopping all around down town. Some of my favorite stores we stopped in were Grace Geier, Hill House and Abigail Fox Designs. We had an incredible lunch planned for us at the White Elephant later on so the morning was spent exploring the stores, the streets, the flowers and some friends even headed off to see one of the light houses! Before lunch some of us even got to grab a mudslide at the Gazebo (always a must do for me). After lunch we grabbed the ferry back to Harwhich Port, got home, changed into our Cuffys sweatshirts and headed over to Chapin Beach in Dennis for a sunset picnic that was set up by Little Palm Picnic. It was the perfect way to end an incredible day!

Day 3 - The weather was a little iffy this day so we canceled out sailboat ride we had planned and hung out all together in the morning. Once we got ready we headed to Chatham for lunch at Chatham Bars Inn followed up by a photo shoot at the Chatham Fish Pier! This is such a fun location and you usually will see some seals. After this we headed to one of my favorite shopping locations on the cape, downtown Chatham. A few of us stopped into the Squire as well to grab a drink, a must do in Chatham. Once are shopping day was over we headed back to the house to hang, some ladies grabbed some ice cream at Sundae School (another must) and then we got ready for our last dinner. We had dinner at one of my favorite spots, Pates. We wined and dined and laughed, ya girl absolutely got herself a filet and it was superb. We could not believe this trip we planned for so long was coming to an end but just the very beginning of some special friendships.

Day 4: Everyone was headed home today and we hired a bus service to take everyone off the Cape and back to Logan. We used Elite Car Service and they were great. Let's just say I cried a lot when that van left.

A few other things to note that we did not get to do but planned to were Ocean House Resturuant, mudslides at Chapins and a beach day but we packed in so much in those few days! It was a jam packed itinerary but they got to see so much in of mid cape and Nantucket and I truly am not sure I would change a thing! Hopefully this will help

Someone else take the trip and explore a place I love to call home!

With love,

Ashley Scribi

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