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Summer Essentials

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

As frequent beach goers and lovers of the summer, I wanted to put together a place that I can share all of our favorite brands and items for a fun summer ahead!

As most of you know, we spend our summer on Cape Cod so that means lots and lots of beach time. I am headed on my fifth summer taking my own children to the beach so I think I have it down pretty well with what I need and what I do not need to bring!

BEACH TOYS - I was given the BeachMate as a gift for Christmas from my mother in law a while back. I had never seen it before but as soon as I realized what it was and how it would make my life easier, I was so excited. It really is an "all in one" tool for the beach. A bag that doubles as a cooler while also holding the buckets and shovels with a long strap to keep you arms and hands free to carry other things (like children). We have been using this for years now and it is so durable, and convenient for quick trips or an all day event at the beach. To purchase the beachmate you can click here and use my discount code ASHLEYMSCRIBI for 10% off.

Because we have the beach mate, I do not bring many other toys to the beach but one that always comes with us in the buckets is the Sandy beach doll. She is the most talked about toy at the beach if you bring her and everyone will be asking all about her! You can also use ASHLEYMSCRIBI for a discount!

Beach Chairs - We have been using Lowtides beach chairs for awhile and truly love them and another thing people are always asking about. They have two different sized cupholders as well as a phone holder and straps to use as a backpack so HANDS FREE woo! They also come in the cutest patterns and you will not regret getting these for you and the fam, they have a kids sized version as well! You can use code ASHLEYLTOP for a discount.

Some other products we also love for the beach are our Weezie beach coverups for the kids (their beach towels too!) that the kids put on once they are done for the day and some of our favorite swim is linked below.

Sunscreen - For safe sunscreen we either use Tubby Todd or Beauty Counter!

Other fun items we love during the summer to use are our projecter for an outdoor movie night, a chappy wrap blanket for all our picnics and park trips, bubble machines, backpack squirt guns and of course our bounce house! Check them out here!

Here is to many fun days at the beach this summer!

With love,

Ashley Scribi

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