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Baby Items - Dockatot

If someone where to ask me my favorite baby product, hands down it would be the Dockatot. What is a Dockatot you ask? The Dockatot is known as a multi functioning "baby lounger" that creates a similar feeling to the womb. For Amelia and our family, the Dockatot is so much more than a lounger, it gave us this sense of security that we needed as first time parents. The Dockatot was an item that we knew would always make Amelia feel comfortable no matter where we were. The Dockatot can be used for lounging, traveling, play and tummy time. Currently, Amelia still sleeps in the Dockatot but we upgraded to the larger version, the Grand. She does not need this to sleep, but it makes her comfortable and happy.

Amelia's first hotel stay

At the beginning of Amelia's life, we used the Dockatot as a place for her to lay and bring with us when visiting friends and family. Once we transitioned Amelia to the crib, we realized the Dockatot made her stay in place and it also provided her another level of comfort. We would not always put the Dockatot in her crib, but if we were having a bad night we would put it in and it always did the trick. After awhile, we realized she was loving sleep even more while being in it so we let her have it every night.

Whether it was a trip to Cape Cod or a sleepover at her grandparents, we would always have the Dockatot in tow for Amelia. I always wanted to make sure she was comfortable during her sleep, whether in her crib, a pack n play or at someone else's home. The Dockatot made her routines feel normal, despite the location. When traveling on a plane for the first time with Amelia, we went back and forth about bringing the Dockatot to Aruba with us and we decided to bring it. BEST DECISION EVER. Not only did Amelia sleep in it every night in the pack n play, she also napped on the beach in it and played with her toys in it. It provided a safe, secure and familiar place for her to be, even in another country,

Post beach nap and & playing in Aruba

So for all the mommas to be, someone looking to get an amazing gift for a mama or someone looking for that item to help their baby feel comfortable, I would for sure check the Dockatot out. Here is a discount code for $10 off : FRIEND-RTH64GB .

With Love,


Scribi Styles

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