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The Stoneleigh - Dallas, Texas

A few months back I was kindly invited to a luncheon in Dallas, Texas for one of my favorite brands, Smocked Auctions. I actually thought it was going to be a Zoom meeting and called my friend Grace Hamlin to see if she would be hoping on the call. She let me know that it was indeed a lunch and would be taking place in Dallas, Texas and it took us about five minutes to say "let's go!" Luckily for me, Grace had lived in Dallas, Texas previously and was a huge help and showed me all of the best and most beautiful places, including our hotel at The Stoneleigh.

A big shoutout to the Stoneleigh for hosting us during this trip, it truly was the most ideal hotel for our stay in Dallas. When checking in, I was immediately greeted by the most incredible staff and was able to check right into our room. We stayed in one of their Queen rooms with two beds that was beyond spacious and decorated to my delight with fun blue and white wallpaper. There was plenty of room for all our belongings and more, and you know we did not pack lightly. Another plus to the room was the hotel bathrobes, literally one of my favorite things at a hotel that makes you know your stay is going to be even better than expected.

During the stay, I was able to check out so much of the property including the pool area that was just amazing. I actually snuck in an hour of pool time before some meetings and it was a GIFT. As a busy working mom of two, I quickly learned that even just an hour at a beautiful pool in 85 degree weather alone would be the biggest TREAT. They even had cabanas there which I think would be crucial in the hot summers of Dallas. I could have spent my whole trip at this pool area and I even saw an outdoor bar being set up, cocktails and a pool day anyone?

Speaking of cocktails, we spent some time at the hotel bar where I got my first taste of tajin. The bartender created a special fruity cocktail for me but added the tajin for a little spice on the pineapple, I think I am hooked now. Another thing about the bar? There was live music! I had no idea and that was such a fun thing to come back to. So basically, hotel robes, good drinks, a pool and live music, what more could I ask for? Well, it did not end there. From the homemade guacamole and quesadillas I ordered for lunch and then the chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, I could have had every meal at the on site restaurant called The Perle on Maple. It was all cooked to perfection, so many options and again, some of the friendliest staff around.

Another thing I need to touch upon is the decor. I know I mentioned about the blue and white wallpaper, but if I ever were to host an event in Dallas, it would be at the Stoneleigh. Their penthouse function rooms are a grand millennials dream. I'm Talking chinoiserie, antique furniture, wallpaper and basically everything I dream about when it comes to decor. I could probably go on for a lot longer about my stay at the Stoneleigh and how

Much I loved it but hopefully this post encourages you to book a stay and fully understand when I mean. A big thanks again to the team for an incredible stay! Be sure to check out my Instagram post as well as my Tiktok video to see as well!

With love,

Ashley Scribi

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