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Xfinity Mobile

Disclosure: This blog post has been sponsored by Comcast but all thoughts are mine! #Ad

I am extremely guilty to admit that I was a mother when I finally got off my own mothers cell phone plan....

I am not sure how I got lucky enough to last that long but somehow it happened but I can finally say I pay my own phone bill. With that being said, I am on my own plan and am excited to tell you guys about Xfinity Mobile. It wasn't until a few months ago that I learned about Xfinity Mobile from a very financially savvy family member. It was then I wanted to learn more because I knew she would not make this change unless it made sense, and she was right.

When making the change to Xfinity Mobile I was able to bring over my own device (iPhone) at no cost or activation fee but you also have the opportunity to get a new one through them. I went into the Hyannis Xfinity Store with my phone and was able to make the switch so easy. All I needed was a transfer pin and my account number from my previous carrier. I thought this process was going to take hours on hours but not at all. The staff was so friendly and excited to help me make this change. Since I already use Xfinity Internet (you must use this to get Xfinity Mobile) all we had to do was add my mobile billing right to the account. With Xfinity Mobile you have the option of unlimited data for $45/month or paying by the gig starting at just $15/month for 1GB. So, if you are someone who is home a lot and using your Wi-Fi already though Xfinity, you may be able to choose the by the gig option and save even more! Imagine you can get unlimited talk and text on all plans?!

As far as service and connection on Xfinity Mobile I have been thrilled, it combines nationwide 5G at no extra cost along with millions of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots. It is a great feeling knowing my phone bill is lower and I have excellent service, making me one happy customer. I truly have not had an issue and have been using Xfinity for awhile now! If you are an Xfinity customer already and are wondering how you can get even more value, changing to Xfinity Mobile should be the first thing you consider. Xfinity Mobile can help families save money on their monthly wireless bill. You can save hundreds by switching... Check out the Xfinity Mobile savings calculator to see how much you can save or click here to find more details!

I am always happy to chat too!

All the best,


Scribi Styles

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