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Xfinity and Sing 2

This blog post has been sponsored by Xfinity, but all opinions are my own.

Where are my Sing movie fans? Did you hear that Sing 2 is coming out in just a few weeks? We are SO excited and I absolutely love that Amelia can now sit and watch a full movie and enjoy it, especially around the holidays! In celebration of Sing 2 in theaters December 22, I wanted to share some fun Sing-related perks, discounts, and experiences available to Xfinity customers through their new Xfinity Rewards program. If you haven’t heard of it, Xfinity Rewards is a free rewards program available to Xfinity customers nationwide. It’s got some great rewards we’re going to be using like renting the original animated hit Sing for only $1! Which means it is the perfect time to plan a movie night and enjoy the movie commercial-free on X1 or the Xfinity Stream app. Xfinity customers can claim this reward at

There may also be a few surprise activity sheets for the little artists in our lives.

If you are now asking, how do I join? Just simply download the Xfinity app to get started or go online to, then click to join and start exploring your rewards.

Select what you like and enjoy!

So let’s raise a bowl of popcorn and maybe a glass of champagne for the holiday season, new rewards, movie nights with family and a sequel to one of the Scribi family's favorite movies! Cheers friends.

With love,

Ashley Scribi

Scribi Styles

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