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Top 10 Items at the Nordstrom Sale

How is it already time for the Nordstrom Sale? It actually gives me a little anxiety because I feel like once the Nordstrom sale comes I can already start to smell pumpkin spice and I am NOT ready. BUT, if I do not shop the Nordstrom sale I will be a little upset come fall when I end up paying full price for something I should have gotten during the sale.

I reached out and asked you what you guys wanted and someone suggested that I share my top 10 favorite items and I loved this idea. You guys all really want swipe up too so I will show them all there but figured I would go in a little more detail on here.

I will say this year seems to be a lot more "on trend" items that I just am not into. My picks are more classic items that work year after year. My style is usually bright colors from April - September and then pretty neutral come fall/winter and I just like pieces that I can wear with everything.

Here we go:

  1. Nordstrom pjs - OBVIOUSLY these are my number one. I buy them every year and are comparable to Lake PJs. Also, these are my most recommended item to pregnant mamas, they button down if you are breastfeeding, are comfy and make you feel good and you don't even need to size up!

  2. Spanx Leather leggings If you do not have them, just grab them now because you will wish you did come October, it happens every year that people tell me they wish they bought them in July. They also have maternity on sale this year as well.

  3. Stokke Trip Trap - This is the only baby item I am adding on this list because it is one of my favorite baby products for such a good price. We have this high chair for Amelia and love how it lines right up with the table and she can eat with us while still in her seat.

  4. Vince Sweaters - These are more on the expensive side but at such a discounted price for a great brand and high end quality. I think I may have to scoop one up.

  5. Steve Madden Booties - Fall must have that will go with dresses, leggings and jeans. if you are looking for a bootie, these are a no brainer.

  6. Ugg Wedges - I have a similar pair and they are my favorite shoes in the winter. They slip right on and look so cute plus make you feel put together with the wedge!

  7. Ralph Lauren Coat - This price tag shocked me. Such a classic jacket at a great price. If you are looking for a timeless option, here you go.

  8. Tula Cleansing set - HUGE tula fan over here, great way to try out the brand if you have not already or need to stock up.

  9. Barefoot dreams sweater - Another item I bought at previous Nordstrom sales that I love so much. The perfect sweater for those cool fall days, especially when working from home.

  10. 14k gold hoop earrings - I really loved these 14k hoops at an awesome price and would make the perfect accessory all year long.

  11. And a bonus item because they have a nap dress! Totally scooping this up for $46.

What do you think? What did I miss. I am sure you guys can convince me to share more too!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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