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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I recently asked on Instagram if you guys would be interested in a blog post on shorts and I was actually overwhelmed by the response! It seems everyone is looking for shorts and wanting some options. I started immediately going on to different stores websites and trying to place orders. I wanted to be able to show some to you that are currently in stock and different styles. I was shocked at how many places were sold out. I was able to place orders at Target and Lilly Pulitzer and have gathered some information from a few other stores that will hopefully help you place an order.

As I became a mother, my style really never changed. Before Amelia I was still reaching for the 5inch shorts over the 3inch and my size has not changed. I am usually a 12-14 and will let you know which sizes I ordered. I do like to size up in shorts because they are just something I do not want tight around my stomach or my legs. I think having shorts be a little bigger makes them look better, especially if you are older than 21 and in size that takes more than one hand to count to.

Shorts I ordered -

Lilly Pulitzer - This all started with me sharing a pair of Lilly shorts that I have and are still in stock. I ordered the same ones in white for this and ordered a size 14. You know me and my love for Lilly but these just did not do the trick. I found them to be tight and a little see through so they will go back. These shorts are 5inch and not the stretch material. I then ordered a second pair of the same 5in buttercup but they were stretch. I LOVE these and they fit so much better, similar to the ones I shared at first. These shorts are more expensive but I have had these ones for four years, quality.

So I love all three pairs I got. These jean shorts fit and I am hoping will stretch a little more but I love the style and I love how they do not hug my thigh. I got the 14 in these and they are only 17.99.

I like this pair for a nice colored pair but will return, I have the Lilly ones but just wanted to show a pair of a lesser price that was similar. I got a size 14 and they fit great, they also come in a few different colors.

These stretch shorts are awesome. These are for the days you do not want to be in sweats but also do not feel like buttons.

Other shorts I have or been recommended!

Madewell- Quite a few people responded that if you wanted to invest in a good pair of jean shorts, head to Madewell.

Old Navy - I have a few pairs from before that I love and they have some great comfy looking shorts! IF you are looking for longer or shorter than 5 inch, they have a lot of options.

JCrew Factory - So many people suggested these shorts and I am not surprised because the pants version if one of my most sold items on here!

Shein- So every time I post a picture of me in my ripped light wash shorts, people ask where I got them. They are from Shein and I think they are a size 2X. Their sizing is all over the place and you have to just make sure you read the reviews. It is such a hit or miss there but sometimes you can score some great thing s. Here is a similar pair and of course, don't forget to throw a headband in when you are checking out.

Loft- I checked here and they had some really cute options but basically sold out in every size!

I hope you guys found this helpful and are able to find a pair of shorts for the summer!

With love,


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