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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale


Today Lilly Pulitzer announced the dates of the After Party Sale and I am here to give you all the scoop.

As most of my readers know, I have been a die hard Lilly Pulitzer fan for years, my bachelorette party was even Lilly themed. Over the years my collection has grown and now I think Amelia's collection is getting even larger than mine. The thought of me and my daughter matching in Lilly Pulitzer was probably one of the first things I thought about when we found out Amelia was a girl. Wearing Lilly gives me this feeling of confidence and makes any event or day feel brighter and more special. The colorful patterns are easily spotted and always a conversation starter. Each year Lilly Pulitzer holds two sales, the After Party in January and the After Summer in August. Other than that its very rare to be able to find the pieces on sale because they save them for these events. The items in the sale will be from the past seasons and even older items tend to show up. Dresses usually rang from $49 - $150 ish.


  • Create an online account before hand, this will allow you to be signed in and check out as soon as you find what you want. Things go fast and items in your cart will disappear.

  • The morning of the sale, set an alarm. You will want to sign on and then you will be placed in a virtual line, the numbers may seem huge but they will give you an estimate of how long it should take to get in. Do not click out or reopen your browser, you will be kicked out of line.

  • Check out often, if you find something you really want, check out right away. Shipping is free so you can check out multiple times. I know this is not always encouraged but I know if I am really wanting something, I get in and get it and then go back on later and browse things I may not need.

  • Filter on what you are looking for. If you are specifically looking for a dress in a size M, filter on what is left. You do not want to spend time browsing only to find out you size is sold out.

Here is a link to the FAQ on the Lilly site that will give you so much more information. I look forward to seeing what everyone is buying. This year I am hoping to score a swimsuit to match one that Amelia has for an upcoming trip! See below for some of my best moments in Lilly, going through these photos gave me ALL the feels.

With Love,


Scribi Styles

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