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Hospital Bag

What am I packing in my hospital bag? I feel like there are a lot of these posts out there and honestly, creating this blog post just helps me keep organized!

With Amelia, we went pretty prepared, especially because we knew we would be staying awhile and it should be the same again this time with both pregnancies having planned c sections. Below I will have a list of some of my favorite items that I am brining again this time but I would love to hear your suggestions as well.

My own towels - I will be bringing our own towels for myself and Danny. When I finally get that first shower post delivery, the last thing I want is a small towel. I want something fluffy and big because this is the closest I will be getting to a spa treatment for awhile. We have these amazing towels from Weezie. These hypo allergenic towels get better with every wash and even have a hook for drying which I love, they can also be monogrammed!

Chromecast - A friend posted about this as a suggestion on a mom group and I though it was genius. We won't be able to have visitors this time and may have some time to watch TV so if I can plug in a Chromecast into the TV and sign into Netflix, this sounds amazing.

Slippers - For sure. With having a c section, they suggest the more walking, the better the healing will be so slippers are a great easy shoe to put on and hopefully get a few steps in. I treated myself and ordered these, they are SO comfortable.

Toiletries - I like to bring my own, again, closest thing to a spa treatment so I figure to use my own stuff. I also am going to purchase a Tula travel kit for all of my favorite items to bring with me.

Robe- Another item I am packing for the hospital from Weezie is this towel. I fell in love with the pattern and chose the shorter version that is perfect as warmer weather approaches. I can also see this being my go to robe for my walks to the outdoor shower on the Cape this summer!

Blanket - I have seen a few people who bring in their own cozy blanket and I love this idea so I may pack if I have room. If I do, this is what is coming with me! If not this sweater will do!

Bag- I will be packing this St. Anne tote bag that doubles as a diaper bag! It is the perfect every date tote but also has extra compartments for everything a mama would need as well as a nylon lining that wipes down so easily. Design how ever you want, so many patterns but I just can't help but love the large monogram.

Long charging cord - Because well need to be charged up for all the pictures and scrolling, duh.

Clothing - For me, I am packing these jammies here, here and here. I feel better when I get dressed (even if it is a change of the pjs) so I know I will not want to be in a hospital gown the entire stay. I am also thinking maybe this dress to go home in.

For shoes I will bring in slippers that I can walk in, flip flops for the shower and whatever is on my feet when I go!

Boppy Pillow - We brought this last time to the hospital and it was so helpful. I did not know if I would breastfeed or not but figured I would have it in case. It actually ended up being just a great place for baby to be placed when others were holding her. I still have the sweetest pictures of Danny holding Amelia while snuggled up in it for support!

For boy, I have a few outfits packed like these and the his going home outfit. I am not sure I will feel the need to dress him as much as I did with Amelia in the hospital but want to have a few options. I will also bring a few swaddle options for him including the Ollie and this package we received from Newborn Nest that includes a bassinet sheet which I love.

Pacifier - I had heard that some hospitals do not give these out so I will make sure we have one or two packed just incase!

What am I missing? Would love to hear what you packed that you loved or what you did not end up using!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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