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Holiday Hosting

Merry Merry!

I cannot even begin to describe my excitement about creating this blog post. I think after the last few years of being pregnant, having babies and a pandemic, I was not really in the mood to host many events but that has changed completely. I have been so inspired to have friends over, decorate a table and create some absolute holiday joy for my family and friends. Hosting can be such a fun way to bring together friends, get your creative juices flowing and make amazing memories. I am currently finding that hosting events that also involve children but making it fun for the adults is the sweet spot for where we are right now in our lives.

When it comes to hostessing and setting a table, I love to add in some new fun items but also bring out some things I already have had and used before. For example, our water glasses were our glasses from our head table at our wedding. Every time we use them I think about that day! Some new things that I added this year to my tablescaping collection are these Jayes Studio bow napkin rings. Also, basically every time I set a table now or do anything creative or fun, I bring out my Lucy Grymes paper products. Whether using them as a charger or just a way to hold the kids mess under a holiday craft or baking, they are the perfect way to pretty up anything. You can use code Scribi for free shipping.

Over the summer I shared with you all a new favorite alcohol brand, Jackson Morgan. It is flavored whiskey that tastes so delicious over ice or mixed in something fun. I was so excited to get to try out the new Peppermint flavor that made the perfect addition to a hot chocolate to serve to friends! It would also be so good in a coffee and truly makes the best treat for a holiday gathering, it's like Christmas in a cup! You can find retail locations to buy it yourself, here.

Also, can't forget this outfit. I am ready to shimmy and shake to my favorite Christmas tunes all dressed up in my new Sara Campbell outfit! You can find the dress here and the jacket here!

Now time to enjoy the best season of the year! Merry merry!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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