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Holiday Gift Guides - Parents / In-Laws 2020

Happy Holidays, another gift guide!

Todays gift guide is a bunch of ideas for your parents and in-laws but most of these ideas could probably work for many others in your life as well! I start these lists basically in the summer when I think of an idea and jot them down.

Framed pictures of kids - I feel like this is always a good idea since pictures do not get printed out enough and clearly they want to see their grand children. To make this even better, what about gifting them a professional session with the entire family! I know CJKeys photos would love to shoot your family if you are local!

Chappywrap - I received my first chappywrap and to say I am obsessed is an understatement. These blankets would make the best gift for anyone on your list, they even have a children's version. The best part besides being the coziest? They are machine washable. We are so obsessed with our holiday blanket.

How about a grandparents kit? Is this a thing? Lets make it one. Something that the grandparents can pull out when the kids arrive. Fill it with crafts, a few small toys, maybe even some fun snacks and then some wipes and such. This will make life easier on you and them knowing the kids will be set once they arrive. Maybe even just a sensory box that you can order premade, I am into this idea.

Dudley Stephens - Last year I got both my mom and dad Dudleys and they both love them!

Gooseneck vineyards- Everyone loves a good bottle of wine and not only is Gooseneck delish, it has the best branding and labels. We will for sure be giving out a few bottle of these.

Mapiful - We have a mapilful print in our home and down the cape, it adds such a personal touch to our décor and we are able to show some of our favorite places!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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