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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 - Men

Clayton & Crume - If you have not checked out clayton & Crume, now is the time. I got such a great gift for some of the men in our family from here and everything is made with full grain leather. Best part, monograms are complimentary, making the gift extra special! One of my favorites is the rocks glasses with coasters.

Lo& Sons - I am obsessed with their bags. Their weekender totes are the perfect bag to pack for a weekend or night away and fit way more than you would ever expect. The colors are great and I have truly fallen for this brand!

Vest - a good vest is always a great staple in a mans closet, here is a great option.

Joggers/Sweatpants - such great sweat pants and a favorite of my husbands.

Puzzle - I have no idea why I am putting a puzzle on here, I do not even know if my husband likes them. But #covid and time at home. WHY NOT.

Dudley Stephens - yes they make men's and your man needs one. I actually got one for my dad last Christmas and he LOVES it! Link for $25 off if it is your first purchase.

Yeti Coffee mug- don't look Danny, I am finally getting you a coffee mug.

What are you getting the men in your life?

With love,


Scribi Styles

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