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Holiday gift guide - Toddlers 2020

Toddlers, the most fun and scary people in the world. This guide is for those little friends of ours. I have geared this guide towards indoor activities that will keep them busy during the winter "lockdown" that we most likely will all be a part of. Hopefully these items will keep them busy for longer than six minutes and you can get a work email done!

Teepee - Amelia loves her "tent" and is constantly bringing her toys in and out of it. She received this as a gift last year and she has always loved playing it.

Table and chairs - Highly recommend. Another gift Amelia got last year that has only gotten better with time. She colors, plays and enjoys snack on this table. We went with this one because we were told this table is worth spending the money on and will be used for years. I am glad we went with this one.

Tunnel - When we started "dance" class, this was the first thing Amelia ran to and spent half her class in it. Will totally be ordering this for her and hopefully get some of that energy out in the dead of winter. Would also be fun to bring outside too.

Doll accessories - We will be getting quite a few more doll accessories for Amelia since they are her favorite toy. Last year she was given this doll with this stroller. I had NO idea how much she would love a doll at just 1.5 and would never have thought to get her one so it was the best gift to receive. She plays with her dolls alllllll day long.

Tablet - We decided that it was okay for her to get a Tablet for Christmas this year and went with this one. I read lots of reviews and posts on mom blogs and it seems this one is a great fit. This will be used for car rides and important times only ( haha me next year reading this when she uses it daily and laughing at the naïve me. ) We will see how it goes!

Sensory Bins & Crafts - Since working from home and Amelia being with me a lot, I am going to put together a few sensory bin ideas as well as some craft bags. There are SO many ideas out their on the world wide web so we are going to try it out!

Personalized puzzles - I got this for Amelia last year and it is so adorable, also makes such a great gift for a niece or nephew.

With love,


Scribi Styles

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