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Gift Guides 2022

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

November 1 and it's time to start the Christmas and holiday Fun! This year I will have one dedicated blog post to gift guides that I will add on as I share them on social media. I have so much fun creating these and truly hope they help you knock some gifts off your list. As always, I appreciate you using my links! Now let's get started!

My first gift guide of 2022 is for Toddler Boys, AKA JJ! JJ is surrounded by lots of girl toys from his sister and many of these items we are deciding between to give him for Christmas. I included all the things he loves the most like trucks, cars and anything sports but also included the most precious winter coat from Northern Classics! Click the image below to show everything else! PS how cute is that customizable car parking garage, you can put your child's name on there!

Second gift guide is : For the Women!

This gift guide includes some of my favorite items and some items on my wish list, like those wine glasses and a new Barrington Gifts St. Charles Yacht tote because it's my favorite bag. Almost all items are linked below except the rose gold cuff which is from Sailormade and you can use Ashley15 for 15% off!

Third gift guide: For the Parents!

This group of gifts is perfect for parents, grandparents, in laws and so much more. Last year we did personalized bottles of wine and they were an absolute hit and who doesn't love a new chappy?! The skylight frame is not linked but was a huge hit last year and truly an amazing gift!

Fourth gift guide: For the families!

I loved doing this gift guide so much last year because it's meant for so many people, maybe it's for siblings, a neighbor, some nieces and nephews or your own kids, these are fun ways to get everyone involved together! We were gifted a projector and screen one year and it is one of our favorite things to use in the summer for a family outdoor movie! Other items include a family chappy that everyone can fight over, fun games, a pizza stove and plate and our favorite Mickey pancake mold!

And now onto the girlies! This one took me longer but I really think there are some great ideas on here for the little girls in your life. These are all based off Amelia's current interests and what she has been asking for and showing interest in. Can you even handle those princess dresses? They are from a small business called Joy Costumes and they are just amazing. They are soft, not itchy, machine washable and they don't shed glitter! One of the bigger but not large in size gifts we are getting Amelia this year is a Tonies! I have heard only the best things about them and can't wait to see how much she love it. I also added in a winter jacket that I love from Northern Classics. So many fun gifts for the princess & pink loving girly girls.

Gift guide for the men:

I always think staple items when I am trying to come up with ideas for men like my dad or husband. They clearly do not shop like I do and do not just grab themselves a new shirt or pair of shoes as often as I do 😬. Some of the items below are just some great pieces for any man's wardrobe and a few fun things if they have a skiing trip coming up like a new boot bag or goggles! I added on this yeti cooler that Danny actually got for me for my birthday a few years ago and we absolutely love it!

Now what do we want to see next?

With love,


Scribi Styles

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