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Gift Guides - 2021

Gift guides for 2021!

Ho Ho Ho here we go! 2021 gift guides are all here and ready for you to shop! I am going to be posting mostly on Instagram but I wanted to give a home to these beauties that I spent lots of time and love on. Below are some of my guides, let me know which one is your favorite!

For the Ladies:

Shit that I knit - Ashleys30

Barrington Gifts - TISTHESEASON

brook & york - ashleymscribi15off

For the Men:

For Amelia

For JJ

Gifts under $30 -

Family Gifts -

Bonus - Family night out- Are you and your family headed out and you are not sure what to bring and what to wear? Here are some ideas below!

Kids outfits - Little Necks - Cape Cod

Womens Skirt & Bag - Richmond Clothier

Gift basket - William & James Gifts - Quincy MA or order online here

Hopefully these will help some of you get some shopping done!


With love,


Scribi Styles

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