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Christmas Guides - Toddlers 2019

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I still am not sure if Amelia is considered a toddler or a baby but the more she runs, yells and sings, the more I think she is a toddler. While I have hardly started her shopping, below is a list of items that I am thinking about getting Amelia for Christmas. These items will last her through her toddler years and beyond. Again, I reached out to the other moms to ask for some ideas and this is what I have come up with. First you will see clothing and practical items, and then you will see the toys.

For the clothing, I am doing almost the exact same as I did for the under one because these items are great for all ages.

Now onto toys!

While I was writing this post, I actually went and ordered this gift to make sure I could get it on time. I love these personalized puzzles for the kids to help with letters and hand eye coordination! Below are a bunch of items that I think could make an excellent gift for a toddler and many we will be getting for Amelia. One of the items I am so excited about are these cleaning sets, for some reason Amelia is obsessed with cleaning her toys, the walls, floors etc so I am hoping she absolutely loves this!

You will also notice a few of the Elmo things in here, Amelia's new bestie! Hope you guys enjoy and would love to know if you bought any children in your life these gifts.

With love,


Scribi Styles

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