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Beauty Counter Favorites


I realized I have never shared my Beauty Counter favorites on a blog post and figure this may be helpful, especially if you are just starting out as a customer.

I will be honest, I was a little nervous at first and felt like once I started I could never quit or what if I did not like it? But then realized I do not feel that way about other products and the only difference is there is someone like me in between that helps you if you need it and makes a little commission at the same time. There is no long term commitment and a return policy too. Looking back, I wish I started sooner.

The reason I started using Beauty Counter was because I wanted to start making cleaner choices in my life and realized that beauty changes would be the easiest for me to do, the main one being deodorant. After trying the clean deo and a few other products, I became hooked. Knowing that the products work, make me feel pretty and are clean is basicallllly a home run in my book and I think you would feel the same way! Below are the producst I love and use:

Clean Deo - Clean deodorant is hard to find, especially one that smells good and all the scents are so good. I personally love the fresh coconut the best!

Moisturizer - Lightweight, non - greasy and makes my face feel refreshed and ready to go. There are a few different options based off what you are looking for in a moisturizer but I wanted something light.

Serum - The All Bright Serum is the holy grail. I put this on right before my moisturizer and I know I am ready for the day.

Flawless in 5 - The perfect place to start if you are looking to try the makeup. This is the easiest 5 steps for a perfect look. It takes me such little time to apply these five things yet I feel so put together and ready for the day with them on.

Sugarbuff Body Polish - I could not love this more and wish I could send a scent through the computer. It is the best scrub and I truly look forward to using it. It also lasts SO long.

Want to learn more or have any questions about Beauty Counter, or maybe you want to become a consultant yourself, just let me know. Also, did you know there is the Band of Beauty Program? This program costs minimal and comes with a gift of purchase. It lasts the full year and allows you to collect product credits as you spend to put towards future purchases as well as gives you free shipping. It is a no brainer! Join Now.

With Love,

Ashley Scribi

Scribi Styles

Photo credits : @carolinethephotographer

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