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Ballon Arch - How To:

Tis the season for parties and decor! I thought this would be a great time to bring in my mom and show you all how to create an amazing balloon arrangement. These are so cute for holidays, pictures or any sort of party. She’s done these over time and has nailed down the best ways to make them work. There are some products that make this a lot easier, below I’ve listed out everything she uses:



Festive Balloon Kits - Different colors, themes available. Perfect for New Years!


Blow up about 20 or so balloons, you will need to do more eventually, but this will get you started on putting together the arrangement. Use the Electric Balloon Pump to save time and your lungs. The tie tool will also save your fingers, these are not necessary but will make the process a lot easier and quicker.

The Garland Strips - We normally tie a long strip from one piece of furniture to another to figure out how long we want the arrangement to be, below we tied from one cabinet to another. We knew we wanted this arrangement to be longer since it was going above a large window.

The Strips all have small holes in them, push the tied balloon through each of the holes. As you fill in, you will realize which colors you want where, which colors you need more of and how many more you will need to blow up. Various balloon sizes and different colors add more dimension and create a more styled look.

Make sure the location you want to hang the arch, has something you can tie or tape them on to to hold.

The strips that the balloons are tied too are very flexible and you can shape in many different ways. The important thing is that you have something to tie them on to.

Additional to the strips, you can purchase balloon stand kits and arch kits.

Balloon Stands - We used one of these for Amelia's first birthday. The stands come with little round clips that you attach the balloons too, we did lots of different colors for her Popsicle themed birthday party. Below is the balloon queen herself and the arrangement she made!

Balloon Arch Kit - We have not tried these arch kits but they have great reviews and would be perfect for a larger event.

Please let us know if you make a balloon arrangement with these tips, we would love to see them and feel free to reach out to my mom on instagram with any questions, she would love to help!

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