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Back to School Shoes with Jenzy

I cannot believe I am even typing these words or thinking about Amelia going back to school, but it is coming and I need to be prepared!

One of the first things we will need to shop for Amelia for back to school is shoes and our first stop is of course, Jenzy. I have talked lots about Jenzy on Instagram and I am excited to do a full blog post giving you guys ALL the details.

About Jenzy - The founders of Jenzy, discovered that 70% of kids are wearing the wrong size shoe and built Jenzy realizing there

was a need to help us parents get the right size shoe on our child. They make the process super simple and easy with incredible customer service and quick delivery!

How it works - All you need to do is make an account, I highly suggest you download the App because this makes it even easier, fill out a simple 5 question fit quiz and they know your little one's perfect fit. I have always had correct shoes sent for Amelia so I feel VERY confident you will too!

Shoes - As far as the shoes, there are so many options including some of our favorite brands like Nike, Hunter, Cientas and Footmates. Look how cute these options are:

I picked out these red cientas for Amelia because what says back to school more than the color red! Now what are you going to get? Don't forget you can use the code SCRIBI for 15% off your purchase!

With love,


Scribi Styles

dress is c/o Shop Maddie & Connor

Paid Partnership with Jenzy

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