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Christmas Guides - Children under 1 2019

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

My favorite quote from my cousin has always been " If you really love the parents, buy the child clothes. If you love both the parent and the child, buy the child toys. But if you REALLY love the child, buy them a musical instrument." I laugh every time she says it because she knows how much of a treat it is to a parent when you buy their kids clothing. She also knows I am probably never going to buy Amelia a drum set, and I could absolutely see her showing up at my house with one! With that being said, I always highly recommend clothing or shoes as a gift, specifically the Vineyard Vines Shep Shirts. They are good for all four seasons, especially if you size up and are such great quality that they can be handed down to future generations. I have tagged a few other clothing items that are always helpful to parents like pj's, three piece sets and sneakers. Click the images above to go directly to the links.

Last year, Amelia was only six months at Christmas and I did lots of research and talked to many moms about the best gifts we could get her. All of the items below we either gave her for Christmas or she was given them as gifts. Amelia has continued to use all of these items throughout the year and still currently uses. Most children's toys have different levels or even languages that extend the length of the use for the children. Below are some of our favorite toys she has and loves.

1. The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car- Amelia's favorite toy, ever. Since the day she was given this car, it has been her most used toy. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn't sit in it and play. It has three different levels, comes in blue for boys and provides so much entertainment. It also does not move and can keep her contained for quite a bit of time. This car is also the biggest hit when other children come over.

2. Wooden Activity Cube- Amelia received this from Santa last year and we used it immediately. This toy helped keep her focus when she was learning to sit up on her own and has so many different things to keep her busy. And since these toys are always at the doctor, I would assume they are good for them?

3. PB Anywhere Chair - Another item we received as a gift and use so often. It started out as just for pictures but now Amelia sits in it every day. Easily transported from their rooms to the play areas and back, this chair is a perfect place for the babies to get cozy and toddlers to watch a movie in.

4. Flappy - Flappy the elephant sings and plays peek a boo and is fun for everyone. It’s the perfect gift for a small baby and also helped us get through some times when we had no idea why she was crying. We would play Flappy and like magic she would smile!

5. My Smart Purse - On thanksgiving morning, before we left Amelia ran in her room and grabbed her purse, she couldn't leave with out it. The purse sings, talks and has multiple levels and it cracks me up seeing it on her arm!

6. Baby Einstein Music table - The legs come off of this table and that’s how we used it for the first few months of having it. As Amelia grew, we added the legs on and it helped her learn to stand. Now she’s constantly playing the music on it and carrying it around. This has the option for three different languages!

Next guide will be for children over one and toddlers and what we plan on getting Amelia this Christmas! Hope you enjoy.

With love,


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