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Amelia's new room - Wallpaper

Some of you may have seen on Instagram that we are working on Amelia's "big girl" room as we prepare for baby boy. We decided to transition her to a larger room and then will switch her current room into lots of blues and have that for baby boy! I say "big girl" room to make it sound even more exciting to her but she will still be in her crib. We went back and forth and after speaking to so many moms and getting lots of advice we knew it would be best to keep her in the crib. She loves it, does not try to escape and she sleeps incredibly. Why fix what's not broken, right? When it came to designing. I wanted something that would work as she grew and thought, the brighter the better. This pattern is absolutely stunning and every time she walks in she says " its so beautifulllllll". You can find the wall paper here from Color Ray Décor, it is called the Romantic Garden of Peonies Removable Wallpaper.

Again, like the last two times we did Amelia's room ( averaging once a year right now ha) I had nothing to do with installing the wallpaper. I have zero attention to detail and if I tried to do it, it would not look the way it currently does, which is amazing. With that being said, I called in some reinforcements and had my cousin help me out. As described, the wallpaper is just a peel and stick. The sheets come labeled on how they should be put on the wall in 7 pieces in the size of 1,5” wide X 94” high; 39” wide X 9” high; 39” wide X 34” high; 39” wide X 9” high; 39” wide X 34” high; 76”wide X 92”high and 51” wide X 92” high. Before when doing the last two rooms, we were just given rolls, with Color Ray we sent them an exact diagram and measurements and they cut everything for us making it that much easier. Here is the design that my husband drew out that I sent over. The pattern we used is Romantic Garden of Peonies that you can find here.

Biggest tip, be patient. This for sure takes time and the more attention you give it, the better it looks. Everyone that has seen ours in person comments on how you cannot even see the seems because it was matched up so perfectly. It takes time to get the hang but once you get your groove, it gets easier!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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