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Workwear to Weekend

Being a working momma, I like to invest in pieces that not only can I wear to work, but also on those occasions where I do actually go out. I don’t really need the “going out” attire as often anymore but when I do, I want to feel good. I find myself buying less inexpensive tops that I can wear on a Saturday and never wear again, and now trying harder to find something that will work on a Tuesday and a Saturday night. Below I have styled this Madewell top that paired perfectly with thess pixie pants and black heels for the office and then switched it up to jeans and boots. You can also find a few other tops I have linked that I think make the perfect workwear to weekend top. Just click the image you love to shop.

Let me know how your style changes from work wear to weekends!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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