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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I have teamed up with my friend Steph from Linen &Littles for this post and you can find blog here! We are similar in many ways, both moms and husbands on the same fire department but very different when it comes to bra sizes. We both have tried out a few brands and wanted to share with the rest of you. This first started out about just strapless bras but I also wanted to share about a regular bra that we were both gifted as well.

The dress pictured above is me wearing option number 1 below. When I initially was gifted this dress from my favorite, Lilly Pulitzer, I wore it with a regular bra, that did not fit and the straps just down. It was when I looked back at the pictures I took I realized I needed to up my bra game immediately. Bras are totally an item that are so important but the last on so many of our lists of things to buy, especially once we have children and are bodies have changed! When I saw how bad I looked, I reached out to you guys, got the best suggestions and did some research. Below are the three bras I purchased and on that was gifted.

Strapless bra 1 - This first strapless bra I purchased after talking with you all and I have worn it SO much. I am obsessed. I feel REALLY good and supported in this bra. I ordered a 40DD without realllly knowing my size but I made a pretty good guess. I had just recently bought some 38D's at TJ Max and was spilling over which made me come on to chat with you guys. I would recommend going in store for sizing if you are truly wondering, Nordstrom has a great option for this.

Strapless bra 2 - This bra was another recommendation from you guys and I like it. The cost is only $25 and I ordered directly on amazon. It fits, it holds me up and I do not feel like it is going to fall down. This one is more of a minimizer which is a plus. I would recommend this one as like an "extra" strapless bra to have for when you need another or for a shirt/dress that would need your chest to be a bit smaller.

Strapless bra 3 - This was a third one that was recommended and the least expensive at $21 ordered on amazon. I did not love this one and will return. I actually felt like I was not wearing a bra and knew it would not work out for me. May be better suited for someone of a smaller chest or just somebody looking for this type of fit!

Wacoal gifted bra - I had reached out to Wacoal when I started this post and they were kind enough to send us both a bra. This bra is not strapless but such a great bra for t shirts. The comfort is incredible and I have loved wearing it, especially with t shirts.

Wow, I feel like I made you guys wait forever for this post but for me, it was SO worth it. I have become Wacoals biggest bra fan and actually feel comfortable in a strapless bra. It has been so hard to find something that did not make me feel like my DDs were actually ZZ's and I have been able to wear so many more of the dresses in my closet since! I hope this is helpful and please reach out with any questions.

With Love,


Scribi Styles

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