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Thanksgiving Styles - Mommy & Meelz

November, already? SO CRAZY, but time is flying and now I can start playing Christmas music, begin decorating and get working on some shopping guides.

Before we get to Christmas, we cannot forget about one of the best days of the year, Thanksgiving! For me, I always want to look cute but also comfy on Thanksgiving. It is a day focused on eating and family and no one needs to have anything tight on. I have rounded up some outfits for the ladies and the girls. At first you will see the dresses and then the tops, if you go for the tops, I highly suggest splurging and pairing them with these leggings! Each women's outfit coordinates with a similar girls outfit bellow if you are wanting to do a Mommy & Meelz look.


Sweaters & Tops

Do you normally wear a dress on Thanksgiving or are you into more of a leggings look? I Look forward to seeing everyone's family photos!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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