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Mommy & MEelz

As I think about Scribi Styles and the future of the blog, I know one thing I want to include for as long as I can, is mommy & me looks. I say as long as I can because I think Amelia will develop her own sense of style sooner than I would like.

About five minutes after we found out we were having a girl, I was already envisioning the Lilly Pulitzer matching outfits my baby girl and I would wear all summer down the cape, and that we did.

While I live for a good Lilly Pulitzer mommy & me look, I soon realized there are so many other brands and ways to incorporate these matching looks. Whether it be our leopard sneakers, jean overalls or family pajamas, matching with Amelia has been SO fun and I cannot wait to share with everyone some of our looks. I want Scribi Styles to be a place for you to come for inspiration to match with their daughter or just style in general. Below are some photos of some of our matching ensembles and links for you to get your twinning on right below, just click on Mommy for the adult version and Meelz for the children's!

Stay tuned for more Mommy & Meelz,

With Love,


Scribi Styles

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