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Gifts for the new momma

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

New momma, YAY! This means they get to bring home a cute, snugly little baby to their family and someone to love on forever but there's also so much more. Maybe that mom had an unplanned c-section that they are recovering from, or just the fact that the parents are literally running on no sleep and of course, postpartum issues that we may not even know they are dealing with. It is such an exciting but scary time for a family and I wanted to share some ideas of gifts for the new mom. Lots of people have come to me looking for ways to support a new mom and I hope some of these will be helpful! Some of these I have given, some I have received and some are ideas from other moms. 

First day home with Amelia

Love - It's free and is as simple as a text message that says "YOU GOT THIS". Being a mom is hard and a lot of work, sometimes we just need to be reminded that we have the support and love we need to raise a child.

Coffee - If you are planning to visit a new mom, show up with a coffee or a tea. We are running on only fumes and caffeine helps. Every time someone came over with a coffee it was like I gained an extra hour of sleep without having to close my eyes. With that being said, if you are doing a visit to a new baby at home, quality over quantity. Make that trip on the shorter side. Once again, we are exhausted, probably have not cleaned much of the house and just trying to make it through the day and hosting for an hour + just might not be what the doctor ordered.

Two weeks of being home, just trying to make it

Headbands - the perfect new mom accessory. Requiring no work and making you actually feel more put together! They are cute, fun, currently in style and something to make us feel a little bit cuter while covered in spit up.

Meals - A meal, the last thing you want to think about is what is for dinner, you have a baby to feed. This does not have to be a home cooked meal that a friend slaved over all day (but much appreciated if it is), it could be also be Venmo for takeout, an Uber eats gift card or even a home food delivery service. A friend of mine who lives in North Carolina sent us meals from Omaha Steaks and I thought it was such a thoughtful and amazing gift to get. We would just follow the directions and a full meal was done, including dessert! I also suggest if you are making a quick visit, stop for muffins before you go, especially if the mama is nursing.

Gift cards- I was given an Amazon gift card as a shower gift and my cousin, who gave it to me, said "you will thank me later" and she was correct. That first week you realize you do not need the 3 bottles of BJ's sized Baby Powder that you bought (yes I did this and no babies do not use baby powder anymore), you need other random things you may have never even thought of. Luckily we live in a time where there is amazon prime and you can have whatever you need at your door, tomorrow. These gift cards are SO helpful to have stored right on your account for times during motherhood and life in general.

I reached out to another mom and asked her the best gift she received and she said a gift card for new underwear. I would have NEVER thought of this and immediately was like WOW, what a great gift. Once you get out of those hospital "panties" it would be so nice to have fresh new undergarments waiting for your new body. This is something I will keep in my back burner for my next mom friend!

Mama Basket - This mama basket is filled with three things that a momma would love to get. Nipple cream, lotion and belly oil. The products are all natural and it says "I know you are going through a lot, here are some things that I think will make you feel better". Use this link and also check out the other gift bundles for the baby if you want to add something for them too. Code GOODCLEANFUN10 will get you 10% off as well.

I hope you have found these gift ideas useful and would love to hear any other ideas. No matter your role in a new mothers life, whether you are a mom, not a mom, a sister, a friend, a co worker, please know your support and love is always appreciated.

With love,


Scribi Styles

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