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Five things I am loving

Happy Sunday!

I want to start featuring some posts that include random items that I am loving and that I am dying to share with the rest of the world. When I come across something that truly makes me smile, I want to shout it on a roof top and add it to everyone's carts immediately. I am hoping to do these posts monthly on Scribi Styles, let me know what you think and if you order any of the items!

1. Supergas - White sneakers are in and these are the ones to get. I was hesitant at first because they just looked like they would give me blisters and I was so wrong. They are comfortable beyond belief and come in many styles. I opted for the platform to give myself a little more height and also feel more dressed up in them.

2. J. Crew Seaside Pant - My love for joggers developed when I was pregnant with Amelia, I was searching for non maternity elastic waist pants that I could dress up or down. These pants did the trick during pregnancy and after. I am able to dress them up for the office or pair them with sneakers on the weekends. I have these pants in gray, green and navy. Unfortunately, most sizes are sold out of these pants so here are similar options here and here.

3. Headband holder - Just call me Blair Waldorf because I love headbands. I also just re watched the entire series of Gossip girl and am ready to grow my headband collection even more. I recently found this storage for headbands, brushes and other accessories and think it is the perfect way to organize all your hair essentials.

4. PJs- These are my favorite pjs EVER and always one of the things I suggest to a pregnant mama before she gives birth. They are button down which is helpful if you are nursing, so soft, easy on the belly if you have a C- Section and super cute. I have them in black and blue and hoping to get the long sleeve ones for the winter.

5. Childrens down coats - With car seat rules and regulations, you have to be careful for what works and what does not work when it comes to jackets underneath the belts. If the jacket is too large, the car seat may not do its job properly and this is something we all should be careful of. Last year I had Amelia in this and I absolutely loved putting her in it. It was so cozy and also covered her whole body. It was the perfect item to bundle her up in and I had been struggling to find something similar In warmth for this year so I reached out to my favorite moms group for suggestions. I was given both of these ideasc here and here and will be ordering one for Amelia soon.

And there you have it, my five favorite items right now. Hopefully you found a new item today that you will love as much as I do and will want to share it with someone else.

With love,


Scribi Styles

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