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Dudley Stephens

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

If you have been following on me on Instagram, you will have seen me post over and over about the brand Dudley Stephens and their amazing fleece turtlenecks that I am constantly wearing. I found the brand through many influencers on Instagram and decided to try it out. While the price point is higher, you have to consider what you are paying for. A women run company that is is creating QUALITY, locally made, and of course, cute as heck products. They have been really growing their brand over time from the fleece turtlenecks to now pants, dresses, jackets and children's sizes.

While I have only bought one style, the Cobble Hill, I plan on trying out some of the other products very soon. The reason I went with the Cobble Hill versus the Park Slope is because this is the longer version of the turtleneck, I wanted long to cover my bottom, especially with leggings. As far as sizing, I size up to the XL for the turtlenecks. I am busty and broad, and find that the L is just a little too snug for my body type. What styles have you tried or looking to try? I am thinking I need to try out the vests next! These also make the most amazing gifts and will for sure be in one of my gift guides this holiday season.

GOOD NEWS, for anyone who is new to the brand, you can get $25 your first purchase by clicking here. Here some photos below of how I have styled the ones I have!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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