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Wedding Guest Dress

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

One of the most frequently requested items I am asked to share is wedding guest dresses! I wanted to share some with you here but also some tips when it comes to getting dressed for a wedding.

  • Know the dress code and if you aren't sure, check out the venue! Does it seem fancy or more casual? You can always search the venue on Instagram and see tagged photos there, usually you will find other weddings and guests and can get a feel of the vibe.

  • Feel comfortable and confident. Lots of pictures, dancing, arms in the air at weddings so you want to feel good. Having to pull a dress down, fix a strap or hide a bra is uncomfortable and annoying and takes away from dance floor time!

  • Have a classic backup in the closet just in case! That staple dress that is always waiting for your just in case you aren't happy with your choice. Here is a great option,

  • Comfortable shoes. I have a few go to pairs of shoes that I know I can keep on all night even if it's non stop dancing, if they ain't comfortable, bring a backup, no one wants bare feet on a dance floor 😬. With that, have a purse that fits your shoes!

  • A good wrap Incase you get chilly! I love this one from STIK and code AshleyS25 gets you $25 off your purchase!

  • Accessories can dress anything up. If you are wearing a dress that seems a little plain, grab a fun earring that makes it stand out a little or add in a pop of color. The perfect place to shop for these items are Canvas Style and Lisi Lerch!

  • Last but not least, it's about the bride and all eyes are on them so if you don't feel that great, remember everyone's looking at them!

Below are some of my favorite options for wedding guests dresses!

With love,


Scribi Styles

Shout out to @carolinethephotographer for these images she took right before I headed off to a friends wedding!

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