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Top brands and items of 2020

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

Can you believe we made it to 2021? Not really sure how 2020 could possibly be over but it is. As many negatives there were, there were so many positives. One of the best parts of 2020 for me was you guys! I have loved sharing sales, purchases and weekly finds with you and wanted to put together a list of the top items/sales of the year.

1. Lilly Pulitzer - Of course! This makes me so happy to see how much you all love Lilly. We got treated to some extra sales and discounts in 2020 and I loved seeing everything you guys got. And another sale is happening now, so do not forget to stock up for the warmer days.

2. Dudley Stephens - No shock there, one of my most "schilled" items on here. I wear them so often and am the biggest fan. They also hvae been one of my favorite tops to wear as this baby bump grows.

3. The tye-dye sweatshirt that I shared when we were right in the midst of Covid. We were all realiing we would be in the house for a while and needed something "comfy cute". The price and style of this sweatshirt is the best.

4. Rubber Birkenstocks - This was such a surprise for me but I loved it. I am always just throwing these on when headed to the beach or walking around the house. I would always see these being randomly bought and got so excited.

5. Cecil & Lou Flash Sales - These flash sales were the sell an item at $19.99 with free monogramming always get you guys excited. Whether it was the Christmas Jammies, the bubbles or the Easter outfits, you guys always jumped on this sale.

Here is an image below of some of your other favorite items that were purchased and I can't wait to continue sharing with you in 2021. Who is ready for some more baby/boy content coming?

With Love,


Scribi Styles

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