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Hello and happy Tuesday!

The last thing I ever thought I would share on here would be anything related to working out and eating healthy, because really, the only things I know about them is that I need to do both. A few months ago, I saw a new gym opened up in Milton, was feeling guilty about my workout routine or lack thereof and figured I would try it out. I had no idea what it was about, but knew it was worth a try. The day I started was also the day I started this blog, apparently I was feeling extra ambitious.

R3Bilt is different than any workout I have done because it is a three part series within the hour workout, Rebuild, Recover and Reverse. There is so much science to all of this and you can find amazing descriptions on their website. I am going to break it down here in a way I can process, because like I said, I know nothing about fitness or health and hopefully you can get a better understanding too. This workout also focuses on anti aging, cheers to getting old, you can't avoid it no matter how hard you try but this will help. The three part class features weight training, mobility training (think stretching and yoga) and then the anti-aging therapy.

First, the Rebuild- A half hour, full body workout that includes everything from the TRX machine to weights and push ups. Every six weeks the Rebuild process resets and different workouts are put into play that you do 3 x each. During the workout you put your numbers on a board after each exercise you complete so you can track your progress over the six weeks. It is really great to see how far you have come in the six weeks!

The recover phase has been something I have really enjoyed doing, I do not normally do yoga and have truly liked the 20 minutes that I get when I go to class. I feel so much better after and do not feel as much pain from my work out on the days after.

The Reverse part is my favorite, you get to jump on a trampoline (apparently great for stimulating cortical bone strength & lymphatic drainage) in front of red and yellow light therapy (helps with cell turnover & collage production) and then practice breathing (stress relieving) while standing on vibration plates. Every piece to this workout has been carefully thought out and is science-based. So not only do you leave knowing you got your workout, In but you are helping with your health and anti aging.

On January 18th, R3bilt is starting an awesome challenge for members and non members and I would LOVE for some of you to join with me. This will be a web based challenge that not only encourages working out but a healthier version of yourself. " This isn’t just any “challenge.” 2020 Choose to Lose Whole Life Challenge is a program that focuses on 7 Daily Habits: Nutrition, Exercise, Mobility, Hydration, Sleep, Well-Being, and Reflection.By participating in the Challenge, you will take on practices that might not be part of your current routine. You’ll open your mind to new concepts of health, wellness, and fitness. You’ll experience the “big picture” when it comes to how you feel and perform.It will be a challenge, but also an exploration and (for those who make it to the end) an accomplishment.We know you’re up to the Challenge, because we see you getting after it every day in the gym. "

If you have made it this far, and are still reading and interested, be sure to check our R3bilt. The good news is, your first class is free and if you find five friends to join the challenge, you even get a discounted rate!

My goals when starting R3Bilt was to not only workout but learn to make better choices for myself and family when cooking. I'll be honest, it has not been easy over the holidays and I strayed plenty but I am ready and excited to restart. The new year brings so much hope and I am putting it out on this blog to keep me accountable! I truly hope you guys will join me on this challenge, at R3bilt or just be there to keep me on track. I would love to be that person for you as well. Cheers to a happier and healthier new year!

With Love,


Scribi Styles

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