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Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Some of you may have seen on Instagram that we are working on Amelia's room and added in the cutest leopard wallpaper behind her crib. I absolutely love a good pattern in a room and her old room had a floral peel and stick wallpaper as well. The best part about it, is that the wallpaper is so easily removed and not permanent. I had received a few messages on Instagram asking about the ease of this project so I wanted to come on here and give some more information about installing as well as some tips and tricks.

I will be honest, I had nothing to do with installing this. I have zero attention to detail and if I tried to do it, it would not look the way it currently does, which is amazing. With that being said, I called in some reinforcements and had my cousin help me out. As described, the wallpaper is just a peel and stick. The sheets come labeled on how they should be put on the wall (piece A or B) and you just need to make sure you measure out. Below I will list out what worked for us and you can also check out the Loomwell website for more information. Don't forget you can use code Ashley15 for 15% off your purchase!

Things you will need:


Measuring tape

Straight edge (we used a level)

Razor (used to cut the extra off)

Blow dryer


Measure twice and cut once. You do not want to make a mistake with this, these projects can get a bit costly so be aware when measuring. I had ordered 5 2ftx10ft pieces but only needed 8ft tall. I ordered the extra because it made more sense to stick the full sheet on the wall and then cut the extra off. Getting the 2x8 sheet would be exact match and that would just be cutting it too close. I plan on using the extra pieces to create some frames for her room!

Having a person there to help makes a world of a difference, these pieces were 10 feet long so we would peel half, stick and then peel more as we got it where we wanted. As I had mentioned before, you can remove anything you do not like and then fix. This is key when putting it on, the pieces come labeled A and B so the seems can match up perfectly. You will use the wallpaper smoothing tool to take out any bumps. The blow dryer also comes in handy and will shrink anything, like the extra you cut at the bottom.

Biggest tip, be patient. This for sure takes time and the more attention you give it, the better it looks. Everyone that has seen ours in person comments on how you cannot even see the seems because it was matched up so perfectly. It takes time to get the hang but once you get your groove, it gets easier! Be sure to check out Loomwell for the cutest designs and easy install wallpaper, and you can always use code Ashley15 for 15% off!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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