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First off, I’ll start by saying I am no expert. All of my trips are either day trips that turn into me missing a ferry or one to two night stays. One day I’ll spend a week and really get to the exploring!

I will continuously update this post based off trips that I take and things I learn. With that being said, it will focus on things I have done and love. It’s a small island but there is so much to explore and do and I have a lot of island left to see!

How to get there? I have taken a plane (this was awesome) and prices were so cheap because of covid last summer. It ended up just being me and my brother/sisters in laws on the plane so it totally felt like we were flying private. We flew right out of Hyannis and took about 20

minutes, we spent half the time looking for land marks on the cape!

Boat- you can take a ferry out of Hyannis and Harwhich Port which we have done both. Harwhich port has less ferry’s but is more convenient based on our location on the cape, plus the free parking. Here are some ferry options :

Freedom Ferry - Harwhich Port

Hy-Line Cruises - Hyannis

Steamship - Hyannis

We also took our own boat one time, that was fun but a little scary!

Where to stay?

We have done pretty much every type of stay possile, including Airbnb, slept on a boat once , hotels, inns and bed and breakfast. The White Elephant is my favorite, we stayed there in the fall once and it was the most beautiful weekend. Fall is absolutely stunning on the cape and islands and not to be looked over. The water is warm and the sun is hot during the day and then you can throw on cute fall outfits at night, it is a win in my book!

Other places I have stayed:

Cliff lodge - we stayed here a few years ago and it was an adorable ned and breakfast, would for sure stay again.

Beachside Nantucket; this is where we stayed the last trip. it was basically the only room left on the island and one of the less expensive options but still a decent amount. This was about a 10 minute walk to town and would absolutely stay here again. It was all you needed, clean rooms and a pool!

Faraway Collection - This is new this year but last year it was the Roberts Collection and was a great place to stay. So cute, great location!

Where to eat -

Pretty sure everywhere is good on the island. This trip I got to go to Millie’s which I had been dying to try. Tacos, queso, guac and fabulous drinks. I was obsessed. We also had dinner at Or, The Whale and that was great. Their back patio is so cute.

Other options I have loved: straight wharf, lunch at white elephant is one of my favorites, the lawn is stunning and you can walk from town! Sandwiches from provisions and an ice cream at the juice bar are necessities. Don’t forget to grab a mudslide at the gazebo before you leave 😉

Shopping -I love shopping on Nantucket, the end. Every store is just so cute and I basically want everything. My favorites are Lilly Pulitzer, Grace Gier Ack, Abigail Fox Designs, The Hub (my favorite cup is from here) and basically any store in town!

What to do? Rent bikes, walk around, eat, shop, drink, take pictures, go the beach and let your feet just wander. So much to do! If you are like me and need a plan, Steps beach is a little bit of a walk from downtown but doable, grab your lunch at provisions and head there. This last trip we actually took the town bus to Madaket and went to the beach there and had lunch at Millie’s before taking the bus back. It was $3 each way, right on time and so easy. I would absolutely take the bus again!

Alright, this was a lot of info and I’ll continue to update but hopefully this helps even one person!!

Until next time, Nantucket

With love,


Scribi Styles

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