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Favorite Baby Items


I have been meaning to write this post since about last year but figure now is the time. Whether you are hoping to be a mama soon, have a baby on the way or expecting your fourth, it is always helpful to hear reviews from other mamas and what they love for products. I have been thinking about those first few months when Amelia was a baby and all of the products that I felt truly helped me and wanted to share. This list could go on forever since I actually find building baby registries to be SO FUN (call me if you want me to build yours!) but below is a list of my own personal "must haves" for baby products.

Dockatot - My number one favorite. We were the biggest fans and you can read all about it here, this deserved its own blog post.

Ollie Swaddle - Another favorite item that deserved its own blog post and even includes a coupon code. This is for all the mamas that are ready for sleep!

Dr. Brown Bottles - I was told from the beginning by another mama, just get the Dr. Brown bottles. A lot of people will go with different ones and in the end, a lot of those people end up buying the Dr. Brown after. There is something about them that work for a lot of children, but of course, there are always different circumstances and they may not work for you. They are also the #1 pediatrician recommended.

Boppy - We had the boppy lounger and the infant support pillow and loved them both. The infant support pillow we used way longer than expected because we would place it behind Amelia when she would play with toys before she was sturdy enough to sit on her own. We also brought it to the hospital for guests to use when holding her. Imagine that hospitals used to allow visitors, oh covid.

Swing - I swore by a swing. Amelia spent so much of her time in this and was the place she took her naps for the first few months of her life. She was so content (most of the time in here) and was always a safe place for her to go when I even just needed to run the bathroom. I know some people do not like big bulky things in their home but it was beyond worth it and we can't wait to use it for number 2.

Sit up chair - This was something I did not register for and realized we needed around 3-4 months. These sit up chairs are the perfect place to keep a newly sitting up baby entertained, you can also feed them in these before you bring out the full high chair. They are also so small and easily transported to grandmas and back.

Activity mat - Another item that we used so much, there are so many options but these are a great way for a baby to get some activity in, see bright colors and also work on tummy time.

Stroller - A must and there are so many different options. We went with the Uppababy Visita and will add on a second seat for the new baby. This stroller is a great one and we also use the Uppababy Minu for our umbrella stroller.

Pacifier - Amelia is probably going to introduce herself to her college roommate saying "hi I am Amelia and I still use a pacifier" because I am not sure we are ever getting rid of the wubbanubs but I wouldn't change a thing because it saved me MANY times. Remember, some hospitals do not give them out anymore so if you do plan on using them, bring your own!

Fleece suit - A fleece suit that can be worn in the car seats, here are some great options to keep the baby warm in the car seat when it starts to get cold.

Tubby Todd - Our favorite skin care line for babies and adults. Use this link and 10% off will be automatically applied. Perfect for any babies with sensitive skin of eczema.

Now tell me, what are your favorite baby items? Did any make the above list? I know there are so many and this is not the end all, be all but these were some of our favorites and I am sure the list will change as we become parents of two!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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