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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Hey all,

Fathers day is coming so I wanted to round up some gift ideas for all the dads. Below are some ideas I have that would make a great gift for the dads in your life. I would love to hear some of your ideas too!

Socks - Amelia (me) got Danny these socks with her face all over them and they are the BEST. Every time he wears them we crack up but he also loved them.

A beginners tool kit - I thought this was such a fun idea for the dad that might not be handy but wants to try, or you want them to figure out how to be. This tool kit has all the essentials to get them started on your first DIY project together.

Beach chair - Everyone needs a good beach chair, and of course, I suggest Cape Cod Beach Chair.

Drinking cups - Update your bar cart with some new drinking cups. Whether he likes an ice cold beer or a high ball, a great gift is always a monogram cup.

Water friendly loafers - For the dad who hates flip flops or wants to be stylish at the beach. My dad has a few pairs of these and I love them.

Golf push cart - I know some golf courses are still not allowing golf carts and encouraging golfers to walk to keep social distancing, so this is the perfect gift for the golfing dad!

Hope this list is helpful.

With love,


Scribi Styles

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