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Fall staples

When I asked what you guys were looking for, it was mostly about fall. I figured putting together a list of my "fall staples" would be the best way. A lot of these items I own, or own something similar to and I wear them year after year. Most of these items can be mixed and matched with other items on here and you can make quite a few outfits out of them! Here we go! Click on the images to be sent to all the links for the items I talk about in the post!

Leggings - You need a good pair of leggings, that is for sure. My favorites include the Spanx Leather leggings, the ones from Lilly and a pair from Jcrew. A good pair of black leggings can take you from a wake to a bachelorette if you outfit them correctly and that is why they are totally a staple for me.

Jeans - I may be out of style and still wear skinny jeans, but I always swear by a dark pair of skinny jeans for a night out. I tend to go to Jcrew for most of my jeans. I would alsoh suggest a pair of the lighter, "mom" jean style for a comfortable look. Here are a few options.

Dudley Stephens - If you have been following a long for a bit, you know my love for Dudley. I have many of these and wear them all fall and winter long. I also have a blog post if you have questions on sizing. Also, highly recommend for anyone expecting that will be pregnant during the winter, I LIVED in them when pregnant with JJ!

A poncho - I just ordered one of the Tuckernuck ones and know it will be a staple all fall and one of the items you will see on lots of influencers. There are many colors and I cannot wait to style it! I also linked one that I have had for a few years and I am so excited they brought it back, I get compliments every time I wear it!

Booties - I tend to be very classic and neutral when it comes to shoes because my outfits are usually brighter and have a little spunk. This way my shoes usually go with what I am wearing. These are the best boots ever, worth the price and will last you for years. I have noticed a trend with the round toe boots and more of an edgier look, I am not sure if I will try this look or not but its really cute on the right person. I have also linked a few other pairs I love.

Ugg wedges - These deserve their own section because you guys will see them all the time on me. I LIVE in Ugg wedges, it is basically a comfy boot with a little heel that makes you feel way more put together. Perfect for errands, school drop off and pick up, apres ski and everything in between. MY FAVORITE.

Basic tees - Under ponchos and sweaters, you always need a good tee. I feel like every year I buy a few long sleeve black and white tees to have to throw on whenever needed. Here are my favorites.

Something leopard - Everything I have shared has been pretty neutral, so now it is time to add some leopard. Whether it is a belt, a shoe or a headband, these are always fun to style with your outfits!

Dresses - I linked a bunch of fun fall dresses at all price ranges, these will be cute with boots or sneakers, add some tights in the winter or throw a Dudley Stephens over!

Hope this was helpful and cannot wait to hear your fall staples!

With love,


Scribi Styles

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